MakBrent’s radio-controlled technology allows an increase of excavation performance with high level safety. Machines very easy to use and very comfortable in harsh working conditions.

Through the radio control the operator is able to manage the trencher from a distance. Risks associated with work activities are reduced.

Remote operating
MakBrent’s team of specialists created a customised remote control that provides the operator a sophisticated remote control of the machine. A DJR transmission unit allows the machine to be maneuver through two proportional joysticks. The potentiometers adjust the travel speed within a range from 0 up to 100%.

The operator have the opportunity to monitor and modify continuously the digging depth, in order to move the trencher in straight and curved lines.

The CRD receiver unit has been selected to integrate the machine control system, maximising performance in terms of efficiency and safety. The transmitting unit and the receiving unit communicate with each other via radio in a “frequency hopping” mode. They continuously change the working frequency checking the availability of the best radio channel.

A stable radio link is maintained, even in the event of interference. The result of this extraordinary effort is a very useful for the operator since it helps to save time improving efficiency and productivity, reducing fuel consumption and mitigating environmental impact.


The constant commitment of MakBrent is to improve the machines offered to the Customer, today and in the future. Its revolutionary IGFT has overwhelmed the industry in 2020, becoming an established technology and market benchmark for customers around the world.

Thanks to the IGFT system the operator traces a digging line directly on the soil. He starts the digging in manual mode by means of the remote control. Once the digging is started, it is possible to activate the IGFT which allows the operator to drive the machine independently. This system help the operator to be concentrated only the digging.

Through IGFT the machine adapts the excavation speed according to the effort to move forward. This useful and immediate function helps to save time improving productivity and efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and decreasing the wear of bit tools with mitigation of environmental impact.

EFFICIENCY Remote Monitoring System


RMS provides all information necessary in order to manage activities efficiently.

It provides information on fleets and equipment, helping to reduce costs.

  • Facilitates the achievement of maximum machine performance.
  • Allows proactive and preventive maintenance.
  • Compatible with PC, smartphone or tablet.


RMS ensures control.

RMS ensure the control of the machines so that they are always where they need to be: at work on site.

  • It anticipates possible issues.
  • On time maintenance planning
  • Minimises downtime.
  • Available 24/7


Easy management.

RMS is a management of fleet with maximum freedom and comfort, no matter where you are.

  • It allows you to intuitively view data using maps, tables and diagrams.
  • Improves machine availability and performance.
  • Keeps costs under control and increases profitability.

Low emission engines EU STAGE V

MakBrent pursues the commitment in research, development with the use of engines with the lowest emissions.
All Garbin machines are in fact equipped with the most modern engines available on the market carefully selected according to the most strictest criteria:

  • Reliability
  • Economy
  • Reduced emissions

R&D and production department adopt methods focused on the choice of the best hydraulic and control systems and devices reducing the environmental impact using less fuel.